All About M.Mawji & Sons Int’l (Pvt) Ltd.


M.Mawji & Sons is in Karachi Pakistan and in Africa. Through its subsidiaries and associate companies it has been successful in fulfilling its vision of developing the used clothing business on a world wide basis. This has been possible due to its unrelenting policy of providing premium quality and service to its millions of customer’s world wide. This customer satisfaction derived over the past many years has been our group’s major achievement. Our Pakistan operation was started in Year 2007 and since then has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the best quality sorting & grading facilities for used clothing in the world, sorting 50 million pounds of mixed rags annually and employing about 150 people.
We Started with our retail outlet in Maputo Mozambique in year 1994 and since than we have opened 3 more retail outlets in different parts of Africa which is in Lilongwe Malawi, Antananarivo Madagascar, and Chimoio Mozambique.







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